Dumb Crybaby
Tear and Magnus have why not?
Ask me anything...yup.

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Magnus says not to hug strangers…

asknovabelderos sent:

(( (o・ω・)ノ yooo ..aha you don't have to if you don't want to though ;; ))



((Have a happy Bel :> ))

((ahhh so cute, thank you! ;v; ))

Th-thank you!!
And to chico-nico…in the winter Heliseum is kinda..well cold I guess.

((And thank you to the compliments about my art as well! Decided to loop them in with this, I hope that’s okay aha. But gosh, I still have a long ways to go. And to the one anon, all I can say is practice and draw things that make you happy! Before you know it your art will become something you never dreamed you’d be able to draw))

I just ate, I don’t need anything else right now..

You’re awfully nice to me, miss…even though we’re on different sides…

((been about a week and haven’t gotten any asks since i nuked the box so bel in a sweater yeha…just to show I am alive like I promised. if I don’t get any asks i’ll just keep drawing belderos in sweaters i guess haha ;; ))

((Yoyoyo this is ooc I’ve been gone so long I think I’m just gonna nuke my ask box then open it again. I might save a couple of asks that were there though cause I wanna answer them eventually.

I’ve updated the blog, made a new icon, added some more blog author notes as well that you should check out if you care about notes about the blog and how it’ll run.

I’m gonna be opening the ask box in just a sec, anon will be turned on so magic anons or just stupid anon questions will be allowed once again.

That’s about it I’ll try to do an ask at least once every Wednesday but yeah. Thanks to the guys that actually stuck around and waited for this blog to come back, I appreciate it!! ))


because im going to flip if this problem keeps going the way its going (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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As to where they came from..I’m not too sure. Magnus is the one who supplies me with everything so I’d have to ask him to find out…I usually just wear it without questions.